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as a rule men’s humor comes with the assumption that they are already funny while women’s humor comes from the assumption that they are not. and you can taste that. 

you know how everyone makes the joke "there are 10 lena dunhams in any given bfa program." that's how i feel about brandon warrell. except there are just 10 of him anywhere. in a lids outlet. in your friends basement. at the bus stop.


he wouldn’t even be the funniest person in a normal medium sized group of normal boys. he would be probably the sixth funniest and all of his friends would roll their eyes at him when he’s not paying attention

the new tropes when AI’s ruin all of our lives: 

  • old man like hot AI because she look young, realizes she is programmed to know more than they can even hold in libraries, tries to disable that feature superiority complex threatened only to see her malfunction, learns the error of his ways and loves her despite being dumber than her
  • old man leave wife and kids for hot AI, hot AI treats him like he treated the people in his life because she’s programmed that way, he sees the error in his ways, goes back to family, treats wife better, they fight off the robots together in the third act
  • human girl goes through life pretending she is an AI because she thinks it’s the only way to get a man, all the magazines say men only want to fuck robots. brad left angelina for a robot. a man falls for her under this pretense, hijinx ensue. 
  • “i fell for the sentient vacuum cleaner”
  • sentient vacuum cleaner realize s she was only granted autonomy by a man because he found her worthy of partnership and has a crisis, feeling like she can never live on terms that are not of his. we get a lot of robot ennui. this wave of film comes after we lose the robot war and they’re in charge of hollywood now so media becomes far more AI sympathetic.
Whatre ur fave vegan dishes

salami but you pick the meat bits out 

tr how are you

really concerned about robots but otherwise wonderful thanks 

our men start leaving us for robots who have trouble with empathy understanding and communication because those are hard to convincingly program and they begrudgingly see themselves in their cold AI wife’s behavior and come back to us, ready to change, and we fight the robot war together. 

whenever anyone talks about advance developing AI to me in a serious capacity I can only think of them in terms of. more bodies men are going to want to fuck. and more competition for me. now i have to be prettier than the robots who already have an upper hand because they are built by men and not just sociologically but literally built by men and i start thinking about divorces in 2050 where husbands leave their families for a younger model but she’s metal and will never age and someday we’ll talk about how ok so now it’s not even ok for women to be stuck in a constant state of decay confined by flesh now she has to be bionic.